World’s Oldest Cat Celebrates 32 Birthday

By: Cheryl Johnstone


Good News

A pet who just celebrated her 32nd birthday might be the oldest living cat in the world.

Lila Brissett of Norwich, England, sats her cat, Rosie, was born June 1, 1991, and celebrated her 32nd birthday with a salmon cake prepared by a local cat cafe owner.

“She has honked half of the salmon cake already — I expect she will wake up at lunchtime and eat the rest,” Brissett told the Norwich Evening News. “There won’t be any left by lunchtime, don’t you worry.”

Brissett adopted Rosie when she was only a kitten and said the feline has only been to the vet twice — once to be spayed in 1991, and a second time about five years ago to be treated for a cyst.

Brissett said she has been in touch with Guinness World Records about having Rosie certified as the oldest cat living.

The current record holder, a fellow England resident named Flossie, was 26 years and 316 days old when she was certified in November 2022.

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